We Love Food, We Love Life!

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Yes, YES! We know that delicious food can fulfill your life so that’s what we do. We serve up great meals and we do it affordably, it’s what we call affordable luxury. You will find lots of familiar stuff on our menu but if you want to try something different we have that too! Each of our dishes take unexpected twists on classic recipes, so you can discover bold new flavors within your comfort zone. From bright smoothie bowls to savoury benedicts, all our artisanal meals are handcrafted with love. Once you leave, we know you’re already planning your next visit! But before you go, don’t forget to check out our freshly squeezed juice and smoothie bar, where you can pick up a bottle full of essential nutrients to keep your body going all day long. We’re here for you so get ready for fast reliable and attentive service with a smile – tell us what you need and leave the rest in our hands!

The Pür Pledge


Our guests are our celebrities! You will always find a friendly face, happy to see you and ready to serve you. We are EXPERIENCE MAKERS not order takers.


We are obsessed with breakfast and we’ve flexed our creative muscles when it comes to our authentic menu, artisanal presentation and homey atmosphere.


We are hospitality! We believe in creating compelling experiences and strive to build affinity with everyone we meet.


Everyone is entitled to feel great and enjoy special moments. We live! We love! We laugh!


We are thankful for the opportunity to serve our guests and connect with our communities.

Our Team

  • Derek Massad
    President & C.E.O.
    Derek Massad
    President & C.E.O.

  • Ritou Maloni
    Executive Vice-President
    Ritou Maloni
    Executive Vice-President

  • John Pantelakos
    Vice-President of Operations & Procurement
    John Pantelakos
    Vice-President of Operations & Procurement

  • Christian Martin
    Director of Franchising & Real Estate
    Christian Martin
    Director of Franchising & Real Estate

  • Angela Pietrantonio
    Accounting Manager
    Angela Pietrantonio
    Accounting Manager

  • Mervin Calixte
    Training & Operations Consultant
    Mervin Calixte
    Training & Operations Consultant


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